Öngull frá Efri-Rauðalæk is a  First Prize, smokey black, registered Icelandic stallion with nearly ten years of upper level competition success in Iceland.
 Now, he has come to America.

With his wonderful character, brilliant gaits, expressive movements, and well-proven bloodlines that compliment a wide range of mares, Öngull is an excellent choice for North American breeders.  
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Landsmót Farm ShowSlow Tölt

Breeding Scores

As a four-year-old...

Öngull was judged for breeding and achieved an overall score of over 8, earning him the title of "First Prize". This is no easy feat for any horse but is particularly impressive given that Öngull was shown without pace, as a four-gaiter.  While Öngull himself is 4-gaited, his tölt is extremely natural and strong, and he has plenty of pace in his genetic background - as demonstrated by his offspring, who have shown excellent quality pace already.  

Judging comments included:
Good speed  - High action - Long strides - Good suspension - Eager - Enthusiastic - Well-Raised - Big movements.
Conformation - 8.11

Head: --------------------------------------------- 8

Neck/Withers/Shoulders: ------------------- 8.5

Back & Croup: --------------------------------- 7.5

Proportions: ----------------------------------- 8

Leg Quality: ----------------------------------- 7.5

Joints: ------------------------------------------ 7

Hooves: ---------------------------------------- 9

Mane & Tail: ----------------------------------- 8.5

Ridden abilities - 8

Tölt: -------------------------------------------- 8.5

Trot: ------------------------------------------- 8.5

Pace: ------------------------------------------- 5

Gallop: ---------------------------------------- 8.5

Spirit: ----------------------------------------- 8.5

General Impression: ----------------------- 9

Walk: ----------------------------------------- 8.5

Slow Tölt: ------------------------------------ 7.5

Canter: --------------------------------------- 8.5

    Flying TrotCompetition


    While breeding scores are essential, they provide only a snapshot of a horse's potential.  Combining Öngull's First Prize breeding scores with his long and illustrious competition career tells a more complete story about the abilities he can pass on to his offspring.

    Over the course of his nearly-decade-long competitive career in Iceland...

    Öngull has distinguished himself by demonstrating true consistency and staying power.  He has competed time and time again at the uppermost level in both Sport and Gæðingakeppni, both with professional and youth riders on board - frequently landing in the top placements.  He has qualified for and competed successfully at Landsmót, Iceland's famous National Horse Show, as well as multiple times at Íslandsmót, the Icelandic Championships - not only with professional riders, but also in the Young Riders division, which speaks to his wonderful character.  He has also presented in master's tournaments both in Northern and Southern Iceland.  

    Landsmót 2012Öngull + ÁgústaIndoor Competition


    Öngull comes from well-proven bloodlines that cross extremely well to a wide variety of mares...

    His mother is none other than Saga frá Þverá, one of Efri-Rauðilækur's foundation mares.  Saga was judged 1st prize for breeding and produced more of the same.  Efri-Rauðilækur has since won the coveted title of Best Breeding Farm in Iceland, and attributes much of their success to choosing great foundation mares like Saga.  Saga's sire, Kjarval frá Sauðárkróki, is a legend in his own right, having been awarded the Honor Prize for his offspring.

    Öngull's father, Krókur frá Efri-Rauðalæk, is judged First Prize for breeding and has a successful, nearly decade-long competition career of his own.  

    Krókur's mother is Kvíka frá Brún, another of Efri-Rauðilækur's foundation mares, now quite famous because she is also the mother of Landsmót winner Drottning frá Efri-Rauðalæk and TWO TIME Five Gait World Champion Hraunar frá Efri-Rauðalæk.   The Kvika frá Brún bloodline crosses particularly well to a number of popular bloodlines in the US, including Orri frá Þufu and Álfur frá Selfossi bloodlines.  

    Krókur's father, Otur frá Sauðárkróki, has Honor Prize for offspring as does Otur's father, Hervar frá Sauðárkróki


    From the Kvíka frá Brún line, Öngull inherited his "Smokey Black" color (confirmed with genetic testing!), which means that he carries the cream gene and when combined with the right mare, he is capable of producing offspring in fun colors like palomino - such as his daughter,  Lukka, seen below... 


    Success begets success. 
    LukkaSara + LenaSara + Lena

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    Öngull is available for pasture breeding, live cover, and AI.  
    He is standing stud at Mad River Valley Icelandic Horses, LLC  in Warren, Vermont.
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